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Red Beetroot – is a root coming from the family of Amarantov. Beetroot is a valuable food product. Roots and leaves both have medicinal properties. Due to the unique combination of carbohydrates, vitamin C, potassium and folic acid, beets cleanse the body and relieve of fatigue, prevents anemia, and also protects against cancer. It has the gamma-amino oil acid, which plays an important role in the metabolism of the brain.

Beetroot fiber and pectin contribute to the elimination of heavy metal salts and degradation products from the intestines. The beetroot contains malic, citric, oxalic, tartaric and lactic organic acids, which play an important role in digestion. Beet strengthens capillaries, reduces cholesterol, improves fat metabolism.

Beetroot contains a lot of iodine, which has sclerosis-preventing effect, zinc, improving eyesight. Due to the fact that it contains calcium, eating beets beneficially affect bones and teeth. Due to magnesium, consuming juice of 5 medium beets a day drastically lowers the risk of heart attack and stroke, regulates blood pressure and prevents the formation of clots and plaque in blood vessels. 100 g of beetroot contains 37 calories.