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Cabbage – is one of the major vegetable crops. Grown since the third millennium BC, there are over 100 types of cabbage - leaf, cabbage (white and red), savoy, kohlrabi, Brussels sprouts, cauliflower, fodder, Chinese, Beijing, etc. White cabbage is the most widespread and commonly used type. Cabbage contains anti-ulcer vitamin U; the juice from leaves is recommended for the treatments of gastric ulcer and duodenal ulcer, gastritis and colitis. Also, cabbage leaves contribute to the removal of cholesterol from the body.

Cabbage juice lowers blood sugar, enhances the release of excess fluids from the body and is a very effective in combating constipation. Cabbage juice is a great cosmetic product as well. It has a rejuvenating effect, so it is used for facial rinsing and preparing different facial masks.

The famous Greek philosopher and mathematician Pythagoras, for a long time engaged in selection of cabbage and argued that cabbage gives the body strength, vigor, fights fatigue, eliminate headaches and insomnia, calms the nervous system and creates a good mood.