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Carrot – is called a miniature pharmacy, because it has the most rare collection of vitamins and mineral compounds. Carrots are one of the best tonics, have immune strengthening and vitamin contents. It is very sweet, bright in color and easy to prepare. Carrots have long taken a strong place in the kitchens of many nations of the world - it can be an appetizer or a salad, a part of a main dish or a dessert. They are flavorful, aromatic and are often used in marinades and broths.

Carrot has a rich chemical composition, and a regulating effect on all metabolic processes in the human body.  Scientists have proven that carrots reduce cholesterol in the blood. It only takes to eat 2 carrots for the cholesterol to fall by 20%.  Carrots contain 12% of sugars, pectin, essential oils, flavonoids, and minerals with a predominance of potassium, calcium, phosphorus and iron. They are rich in a variety of vitamins: C, E, PP, P, B and B2. They take the first place in carotene (vitamin A) amount. On the content of carotene, carrots are hardly inferior to the red peppers and surpass all other vegetables. Thanks to Vitamin A in carrots, they have an ability to improve eyesight. As a product full of multivitamins, carrots are used for prevention and treatment of beriberi, anemia, to restore strength and improve appetite. Carrots are necessity for any recovering patient.