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Grapefruit – a fruit of a subtropical evergreen tree of the citrus family. It is rich in vitamin C - 100 grams of its pulp contains 50% of the daily vitamins a human needs. It is an excellent product for a diet; an average size fruit contains 70 calories. Grapefruit also has properties that help prevent sclerosis, and antioxidants that reduce cholesterol levels. Consuming one red grapefruit a day helps to normalize the blood cholesterol levels. Bitterness in a grapefruit comes from naringin, a bioactive substances that is very beneficial and valuable for the human body. Naringin strengthens the walls of blood vessels, stimulates digestion, improves appetite and general muscle tone. Grapefruit detoxifies the body, excess fluids and reduces gum bleeding. There are about 20 varieties of grapefruits, which can be divided into two main groups: white (or yellow) grapefruit with yellowish pulp hue, and red. The redder the color of the pulp, the sweeter the flavor.