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Pomelo – is the largest of all citrus fruits. Pomelo is full of potassium, calcium, regulates blood pressure, and helps to prevent sclerosis. All of its characteristics and flavors would be attractive to any grapefruit lover. A pomelo is filled with a multitude of qualities: an enormous amount of juice, full set of vitamins, and an amazing ability to instantly quench thirst. Any characteristic of a grapefruit that would turn one consumer way, are absent in a pamelo: not a slightest sharpness in taste or aroma, not a hint of bitterness, not prone to fast disintegration or drying during storage. Scientists have found that pomelos have an ability to enhance mood and performance, curb appetite by giving a filling of fullness, accelerate the absorption of protein, while breaking down fat. On average it contains 30-35 calories per 100 grams of pulp.