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Potato – is a type of perennial tuberous herbaceous plant. There are more than 50,000 varieties of potatoes. Depending on the usage, there are four main groups: for general cooking, laboratory usage, for feeing and universal. Potatoes are an important staple food. According to the high content of starch, it is very close to bread, rice, maize, and rich in mineral, salts and vitamins. The content of vitamin C exceeds the amount in onions, grapes and red currants. Potatoes are also a major source of potassium, which improves the brain activity. Recent studies have shown that moderate consumption of potatoes is not a threat to your weight. It turns out that potato's starch breaks down into sugar immediately. It does not lead to any excess of sugar in the body, which is subsequently deposited as fat. Today, many diets are based on potato soups, as a way to manage weight.