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Sweety – a variety of a citrus fruit, derived from a traditional hybrid of pomelo with white grapefruit. It is sweeter than a grapefruit, and is not as large as a pomelo. It is consumed just like a grapefruit, cut in half. It can be added to salads by removing skin and webs. Sweety contains the same amount of calories and vitamin C as a grapefruit. It's a perfect product for any diet. It lowers blood cholesterol level, contains a huge amount of ascorbic acid, which makes it simply indispensable for the prevention and treatment of colds, viral infections and flu. Sweety also contains various essential oils, traces of mineral elements, vitamins and antioxidants. Valuable enzymes are also found that breakdown fatty tissue. Drinking Sweety juice regularly, normalizes blood pressure, stimulates heart activity. It is recommended for treatments against depression, sadness, and it awakens a joy for life. It significantly improves mood, sharpens memory and attention span. Fresh squeezed Sweety juice also has a stimulating effect on the body, improving bowel, liver and gall bladder functions.